Oximex Canada Axes

1994 – 2008*
Imported from Asia

Oximex (Canada) was a hard goods importer established in 1981 in Woodstock, Ontario under the original name of Duggal Gift Shop. The small business grew quickly, and in 1984 they relocated to Toronto. In 1989 the company filed to register the name Oximex and relocated again to a larger warehouse in Etobicoke.

The company imported a wide range of goods directly from Asia. So it is suspected but not confirmed that this is where the axes were made.(1)

The axes labeled with “Oximex Canada” and bearing the “®” symbol would have been manufactured after 1993. As the brand registration for “Oximex” was only approved in November of that year.(2)

The trademark was renewed in 2008. However, the business is no longer active and it’s unclear when it ceased operations.

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